Broccoli troubles

One of the vegetables we all eat is broccoli or in reality celebrese but in the UK it’s more widely known as broccoli regardless, so it made sense to grow some of this.

I started with putting the seeds in the large cell tray I have and worried about non starters went with two seeds a tray. Problem free so far. It was only after sprouting that they caused any headache!

These were my broccoli seedlings just a week after sprouting, long, thin and leggy! After much googling and research I found the answer, broccoli like cooler temperatures, I’d also started a little late in the year.

So to save my crop I replanted and moved them to the back porch where it’s bright and sunny, but also cooler than in the house. Since they’re still small I put 3-4 to a pot and they started looking better.

Now they are much better looking and I’m now just getting ready to brave it and put them into my brassica beds!


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