Runner beans and some peas

Good afternoon, as promised an actual plant based post on a gardening blog.

While all the clearing and building was going on I had some seedlings trying the hardest to foil my attempts to bugger them up and I have a few little sprouted seedlings happily growing.


I may have got a bit over ambitious if I’m honest, but in this tray we have runner beans, peas, cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, leeks, and broccoli.

After a week or so the runner beans and peas suddenly exploded out of their seeds and from the beginning to end of the day seemed to be growing faster than we could watch, so I transported these to larger pots and placed them in a slightly sheltered spot outside.


In fairness my family have grown runner beans every summer they could, so I have some knowledge of these, but as if overnight it was May and I thought I should give my possibly only crop a bit of space!

First job was to build supports for them, as my bean bed is long and thin, I went with a row to grow them up of bamboo.


I probably went a little crazy with string, but rather safe than sorry. Once finished it worked out as just over 6 foot tall and about as much long. I then tied pea netting to it to give the beans and peas something to grow onto.

Last but not least was planting out my beans. I planted 2 plants per pole either side of it.


Fingers crossed These take ok and I start getting some good growth from them.


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