Getting into bed…..s

Hopefully less rambling this time, more to the point but I digress already.

Having cleared the bramble jungle and pulled as many and as much of the roots as I could it was time to turn my attention to arranging where I could and would plant everything. Swamped down with far too many google searches on how to arrange what goes where and then remember to rotate it the next season, lists of veg that grows best next to which and what will hamper an otherwise good yield I decided to divide my space into 4, well 5 but one spot is just for my beans and peas.


In my head I would like (love) to get a greenhouse, but funds won’t stretch that far yet, and honestly I’m pretty new to this so would probably end up with burnt tomato plants and more cucumbers than anyone really wants. If I were to get one it would be somewhere in the lower right of the image.

With my plot organised in my head it was time to turn my attention to sorting our these areas for growing, and although I could just dig through these patches and start planting away, I wanted the neat and tidy arrangment from raised beds. Again I can’t justify spending many hundreds on materials as this would defeat the object of partly why I’m growing my own, but I still wanted it to look tidy and defined. So off to the DIY store I went and came back with enough timber to define where I am growing.


These were simply gravel boards screwed to stakes I’d driven into the ground, later I noticed that the screws holding them together were not as strong as I had hoped so i also put metal corner brackets around the top edges of the corners just to pleasingly finish them and hold them tighter together partly from fear of waking up one morning to find my beds had collapsed. I promise the next post will have actual plants in.


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