My garden

Firstly I should probably point out, I’m a novice gardener. I’ve mowed the lawn for my parents and tried to grow the odd tomato or chilli plant, and the during my summer holidays from school I used to trim the hedges and later rake leaves for my elderly neighbours, but these are more chores that needed doing – and the odd fiver as thank you went a long way at 14! Secondly this will probably be a long rambling post, sorry.

This is my first garden to do with pretty much as I please and after a year of building up the courage to tackle the thorny jungle that sat behind my house I finally charged in!

Then it hit me, what will I do with said space once deforested? Pretty flowers? Manicured lawn so precious no one is to walk upon it? Giddy with all the many options I had, my decision was helped by my (now garden widowed) partner and young daughter, I’ll grow fresh vegetables for my family.

Now I only…..’only!’ had to clear the space for my plot. Here’s mid way through bramble town:


I learnt two things at this point, brambles are crazy sharp when they’re old and that left unchecked they get insane root systems.

Anyway the strimmer/hedge trimmer/secateurs march moved on and i discovered the long lost bottom of the garden!



Looking back, this probably doesn’t look that impressive, but at the time i really felt like this would be doable.

Also note, although this part of my garden is my focus at this point I have plenty of garden to work on, a large patio and a reasonable sized lawn, sadly also infested with brambles and bind weed.


Eventually I got through all the actual growth and had only the roots to dig up, phase one complete.


It took me an entire weekend (I work a four on, four off shift, so I get four day weekends) but eventually I finally had a very blank canvas to work from.



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